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During my childhood, I recall spending countless hours engrossed in the art of creating patterns with a brush and water on the balcony of my backyard. Time after time, I watched in awe as my creation faded away into the abyss of evaporation, only to begin again with renewed determination to capture the complete picture before it vanished into thin air. So little, did I know I was in fact transforming into an artist?

Today, I named myself as an abstract figurative painter who expresses my innermost emotions and experiences through my work. I use watercolor, acrylic, oil, and mixed media to create layered and textured paintings and I explore the potential of gold color to convey light.

Fascinated by the complexity and expressiveness of the human figure, but in my paintings, I often use less detail and leave out facial features, arms, or legs to encourage viewers to use their own imagination and emotions. Through my work, I celebrate colors and textures and strive to bring abstract depictions of women to life on the canvas, evoking a sense of wonder and appreciation in the viewer.

As a self-taught artist, I take great pride in sharing my unique art process and personal story. Without the confines of traditional art education, I have had the freedom to explore my creativity and develop my own style. This journey has been both challenging and rewarding, as I have had to constantly push myself beyond my limits to improve my techniques and refine my vision.

My greatest joy comes from sharing my work with others and connecting with them on a deeper level.  One of my clients told me this comment after I mentioned that I like to imagine story in my painting: “There's an emotional depth to this piece that is difficult to put into words.” I am humbled by the opportunity to engage with other through my art. 



Sylvie Levesque

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