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Balancing Creativity and Technology: Exploring the Impact of AI on Art.

Updated: Sep 4, 2023


Are we in a crisis between technology and creative spirit? With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), the art world is undergoing a significant transformation. Programmers are capable of creating artistic works that blur the boundaries between traditional art and that of the machine. This fusion has given rise to fascinating artworks that spark an intriguing debate about technology and creativity itself.

I have developed the habit of writing the names of my colors on my palette. This helps me to get to know my colors better and understand how they interact with each other when I mix them. The sensation of holding the brush and the paint is the foundation of my excitement in the act of creation.

I am surrounded by technical wonders, and I can never thank enough how technology has simplified my way of life. AI has, in turn, introduced tools that many of us have already explored to varying degrees in our lives. AI facilitates experimentation with colors, removal and reinsertion of objects, drastic changes to the composition of a painting, colors, saturation, style, and much more.

AI and the Art Market

More recently, museums and galleries have started seeking AI Art. Take the De Young Museum, for example, which has recently opened a new category: AI Art.:

De Young Museum. This new AI Art movement caters to a certain clientele that we didn't have in the past, making it more accessible for those who have never touched a paintbrush in their lives. It's also more accessible because you don't need a fancy studio to create artwork. AI is reaching a broader audience.

Ethical Considerations and Setting Limits

While the integration of AI into art offers unprecedented opportunities, it also raises ethical questions that need to be studied. Artists around me, including myself, collaborate with AI on a daily basis while setting boundaries. Perhaps it's a philosophical question, but every artist must ask themselves this question every time they use AI in their artistic process. Are we setting limits to our own creativity?

The light texture that greets our fingers create an intimate connection that digital screens cannot replicate. Each leaf tells a story through its weight, texture and even its fragrance. . In the age of digital dominance, the lure of paper remains a valuable escape.


As AI continues to evolve, we have yet to discover all its potential. Will we be able to reproduce sculptures and textures on canvases? An artist's work must come from the soul and the artist's hand; without this dialogue, the work lacks emotion. Art cannot be governed by precise codes and algorithms. The creating artist has the responsibility to define their AI limits and collaborate with it. Together, human ingenuity and artificial intelligence intertwine in a dance of limitless imagination.

Thank you for reading! Comments will be well appreciated.

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